ADDRESS:      1025 County Road 57 South Point, OH 45680

Scenic rolling, green pastures, a well-tended herd of Angus cattle and the Walker family’s dedication to humanely raising the best grass-fed and grass-finished cattle in a sustainable environment are the foundation of Double Shoe Ranch, a 170-acre farm in the southern part of Ohio.

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Our Cattle

Our Cattle

For over 75 years our cattle herd has been continuously improved by selecting only the cows that can thrive in our environment as well as the addition of top quality outside genetics from like minded, grass based, sustainable producers such as Wye Angus, Ohlde Cattle Company and Pharo Cattle company. This has led to a uniform herd of top quality Angus cattle that produce some of the best tasting, lowest fat, healthy beef available today. These cows are moderately framed, heavily muscled cattle bred for low birth weight, fast growing calves.

For the past 20-30 years most cattle breeders have focused on traits that work well in a feedlot. This has resulted in bigger and taller cattle that are exceptionally high maintenance. In order to achieve the growth that has been bred in to them they need a constant supply of grain and have lost the “gut” required to make it on a grass only diet.

Double Shoe Ranch has bucked this trend from the beginning. Choosing instead to focus on the traits that make cattle profitable for the rancher. Easy keeping, low-maintenance cattle are shorter and wider than average. Moderate milk production insure they can raise a nice calf without sacrificing their body condition or looking like a dairy cow. Reproductive ability is always key and directed related to body condition. Mother Nature doesn’t think skinny cows should be moms. By focusing on easy keeping cattle we insure that our cows will easily be able to breed back, producing a strong calf every year without supplemental grain.